Almond Flavor - 1 Dram

LorAnn Oils are super-strength flavors, also known as 'Candy Oils' or 'Candy flavors' which are 3-4 times stronger than supermarket store extracts.

These bottles may appear to be very small, but the contents are highly concentrated!

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What is a Flavoring Oil or Candy Oil? LorAnn Flavoring oils are highly concentrated unique flavors. The word "candy oil" has been used for many years to describe a type of flavoring that is potent enough to be used in hard candy making. Unlike an extract, the flavor of these candy oils is not diminished when exposed to high heat. LorAnn Oils are perfect for flavouring your cupcake frostings or cupcake themselves.

They are also:

  • Gluten Free
  • Sugar Free (except: Canadian Maple)
  • Contains No Vegetable Oils